Selling AMP Shares

AMP Limited (ASX:AMP), is a financial services firm with super and investment products, financial advice, banking & insurance products in Australia & New Zealand.

AMP was formed in 1849 under the name Australian Mutual Provident Society as a non-profit life insurance firm and mutual society.

AMP demutualised in 1998 and listed on the stock exchanges. Due to the demutualisation, all policy holders received Stocks in the new firm. AMP has one of the widest register of retail shareholdings with most investors living in Australia & New Zealand. 

How Do I Sell My AMP Stock

It is quite simple to find out what your AMP Stocks are worth now. If you give us a call on 1800 857 025. we can give you a live market price for you now.

Alternatively, you can get the market price from the Australian share market website now, however, the price has a 15 minute delay. Once you have the price, just multiply the quantity of the Stocks you have with the price that you got from the Australian share market website.

Keep in mind though, markets move daily so whatever price you got now for your Stocks can change instantly. If you are thinking of selling your Stocks, you should talk to us now so we can quote you the price and help you sell the shares without opening a full brokerage firm account. If you go through a traditional or online brokerage firm, it can take days or weeks to sell Stocks and you most likely won’t get anywhere near today’s share price.

one off sale

Since We Sell Shares is a one off sale specialist, we have the ability to sell your Stocks in as little as 2 hours from the moment you place the requested trade to placing the actual trade on the Australian share market. Furthermore, as we are an Australian share market Market Participant, we have direct market connectivity straight into the Australian share market and this will allow us to offer our client the fastest and best Stocks execution.

If you need to sell Stocks now, head over to our sell my shares 5 minute form so we can grab a few details we will need to sell your Stocks. All we need is your , address and one form of photo ID and we can verify your ID online. Our form is SSL secured, so your sensitive information and ID is encrypted.

Having said that, if you don’t feel comfortable sending sensitive ID over the internet, give us a call now on 1800 857 025 and our friendly qualified staff will help you.

Selling AMP Shares in Western Australia shouldn’t have to be a a hassle question to ask; neither should selling Stocks. If you still have questions on Selling AMP Shares, don’t hesitate to give us a call now and our friendly staff would be very happy to help.