How Do I Sell My TLS Stocks

Telstra Corporation (ASX:TLS), known as Telstra, is Australia’s largest telco and media company. Telstra Corporation builds communications infrastructure networks for voice, mobile, internet access and pay television and provides other entertainment services and products.

Telstra Corporation was originally a government entity and has now being privatised with a focus to become more client focused and expand globally.

Telstra Corporation was privatised in 3 seperate tranches, known as T1, T2 and T3. This was done in 1997, 1999 and 2006 respectively. It was during T1 that the government first sold a third of its Stocks to the public, listing it on the Australian Stock Exchange for the first time.

By the time T3 came around in 2006, the government had sold 83% of its shares to the public with the rest moved into the Future Fund. Since the privatisation was widely sold to the public, it is no surprise that is one of the most requested Stocks for a one off Stocks sale.

What Are Telstra Shares Worth

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Alternatively, you can get the 15 minute delayed Telstra Corporation pricing from the Australian Stock Exchange website and multiply the amount of Stocks you hold. This will give you the worth of your Stocks.

As you may well be aware, share markets move constantly so the worth of the Stocks can change quickly. If you want to get as much out of your Telstra Corporation Stocks as soon as possible, then we can help you sell those Stocks quickly without a full brokerage firm account.

one off sale

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